Vaitaanika as a jewelry collection is handcrafted with intricate precision to create modern, unique, iconic and edgy designs that reflect the virtues of peace and purity. The precious jewel of innate beauty that is contained within every human soul inspires our collection featuring necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, which are the perfect standout accent for both daytime and evening looks.

Amalgamating into form the design philosophy of creative head Ageerika Hari, each piece of jewelry at Vaitaanika is a one of kind work of art. Our collections draw inspiration from being truly Indian, being reflective of a time, an era and a sensibility of tradition. Design accents from different parts of India are fused together with modern elements, creating jewelry for the women of today with a timeless and classic heritage.  Giving meticulous shape to each inspiration, skilled Bengali craftsmen forge together our jewelry using precious stones and pure metals such as gold and silver. Clean lines and minimalistic designs further add visual appeal to our precious works of art.

Vaitaanika is a brand for a discerning and sophisticated customer, who is proud to reflect her individuality and invest in individual couture pieces. Evolved beyond the norm of blindly aping labels, the Vaitaanika woman understands the story behind the intricate artistry of each of our jewels. Retailing from our flagship store in the designer district of Shahpurjat, our jewelry collections contain individual pieces priced upwards of Rs.5500. Once crafted and sold, no design at Vaitaanika is ever recreated or duplicated for another customer.

We put love and care into packaging our precious product as beautiful gifts for our customers, lovingly providing them with unique a unique experience with every Vaitaanika jewel they purchase.